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Ronald Goovaerts - entrepreneur & awakener

Ronald Goovaerts has been involved and launched during the last 15 years several entrepreneurs’ projects in many areas.

He is originally Flemish Belgian, is living for 15 years in Portugal and has been involved, developed and executed many international projects in more than 15 countries (Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Estonia, Turkey, Egypt, United States, France, Italy, UK, the Netherlands)

He is specialized in provocative negotiation, energetic communication, contagious motivation, magnetic leadership and creative mental power thinking, acting & feeling.

Coaching is fashion today and most of the available products do not offer long-lasting solutions.

Time has come to move on from coaching to real awakening and train our muscles.  Simply we are acting; or we pretend we do; but most probably we do not act enough or do not act at all and we live our life accordingly. We dream or we pretend to live according to our vision, mission and values or even worse, we forgot all this.

Being banned, as a company or an individual, in our comfort zone is so easy. Without real effort and with no mental power, our results will not improve.

He stimulates leaders, companies, organizations and individuals to unlock their TO DO-switch, act more and produce long lasting high quality results investing fewer efforts. –
academical background
  • Biochemical Engineer – KAHO – University for Engineers - Gent Belgium
  • Post Graduate International and Marketing Management – University, IPO, Antwerpen Belgium
  • former Professor at Marketing 'Faculty of Universidade Moderno' - Lisboa - Portugal
entrepreneur experience

founded Effectus Consult and transformed into unlock TO DO, founder and CEO

active as an awakener in several countries, he coaches and trains executives in their nature-language, he speak English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian and studies Russian.

specialized in Leadership, Negotiation, Communication and Personal Mastery.

developed a model : Creative Mental Power thinking, feeling & acting™

executed projects in Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Estonia, Turkey, Egypt, United States, France, Italy, UK, The Netherlands …

founder and CEO of ROGO decor, exclusive communication and negotiation partner for outdoor decoration to Iberian large volume buyers

former commercial director Interscience Belgium, exclusive communication and negotiation partner for analytical scientific equipment for environmental and petro/bio/pharma/chemical analyses (FISONS)

international related networking experience

JCI Portugal Senator 66894 and initiator of JCI Portugal ( )

JCI University International Training Fellow # 111 (> 150 ITF trainers worldwide)

Trainer JCI Presenter & Trainer, co-creator JCI Network (official JCI courses)

JCI Trainer & Coach in Belgium and at several International JCI Meetings

Head Trainer advanced Leadership Academy Ufa – Russia

Columnist and member at YEN network (

Speaker at Ignite Portugal events (

seminars administrated at JCI international events :
  • Area D (Europe), Berlin, Oostende e Istanbul, Tallinn, Maastricht
  • Area C (South America,US,Canada), Curitiba and Cascavel in Brazil.
Assistant Prime Coach at JCI World Congress Cannes, Area C Conference Curitiba, Area D Conference Oostende, EPM Cascais

some Output

A new approach to Negotiation – Provocative negotiation

    executed in > 5 countries for > 500 people

Learning to Fly – Prepare yourself for Success

    executed in > 5 countries for > 500 people

Persuasive Communication - Discover the power of public speaking

    executed in > 5 countries for > 300 people

Networking – Weaving a tight web and how to attract your mentor

    executed in > 5 countries for > 150 people

    publication of trainers manual at JCI Training Directory

Leadership – unlock your TO DO switch and get into unstoppable action mode

    executed in > 5 countries for > 200 people

Mentoring – an effective strategy to unlock hidden competence and knowledge

    executed in company for more than 150 people

How to Design Conduct and Lead Outrageous Outdoor Training - Creativity Power Coaching

    publication of trainer manual at JCI Training Directory

Creative Mental Power thinking, feeling & acting

    publication in preparation

Become a catching person, unlock your magnetic potential

    executed at Ignite event in Lisbon for > 250 people

    blog and book publication in preparation

Breakthrough workshops

     small team awakening/coaching in order to assure real breakthrough in life

Leadership Playground for 4 to 6 year children
Project in cooperation with Colegio Bafureira – Parede -

Create a new tool/toy for children to train and get more awareness on their Leadership skills. Everyone can be a Leader, not only the ones they have this natural gift!

Some articles/blogposts

-          Stop selling, start negotiating and obtain better results

-          Whatever you do, ensure you put your heart into it!

-          What makes negotiating fascinating?

-          Mayday, …, and then back to track

-          I believe I can fly, … I believe …

-          Why ‘being catching’ can help you to face current challenges?

-          Make 2010 is the year you catch your bear!

-          Every time we ‘fail’, we are closer to real success

-          Forge the weapons in your free mind you need to be successful

-          Real adventure is not possible without the possibility of death.

-          Seek better for less travelled paths

-          Small things, implement each month something empowering

-          Are you catching bears with a net that is neither 
            large enough nor strong enough and with an inappropriate mesh-size?

-          …

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Leader Impact in the North of Spain - partner :
 when: July 2011 in Cataluña and Galicia


LeaderImpact Global
is a competency-based transformational
leadership experience. Through experiential learning, both within the retreat setting and during the Action Learning Lab (which includes coaching, designated accountability structures, and a hands-on project), participants develop the following ompetencies:

Navigating Complex Reality

This competency addresses the ability to respond effectively to the challenging realities of our time, including such things as change, geography, diversity, work-life balance, and socioeconomic issues. It also focuses on the need for leaders to have a crystal clear vision of what they stand for, and the principles they will live by, in order to remain grounded in the midst of the complex challenges presented by our world.

Communicating Effectively

This competency focuses on the ability of participants to consistently have the desired impact they wish to make in their interpersonal communication. This includes building effective relationships through: listening to understand, clarifying one’s intent, designing and sustaining powerful alliances, and nderstanding and serving the needs of one’s audience.

Discovering and Mastering Self

This competency is critical to the success of all of the other competencies. It includes being able to articulate one’s strengths and having a plan for building upon them, as well as recognizing areas of non-talent and knowing how to mitigate their

influence on one’s effectiveness. Discovering and Mastering Self is about knowing oneself well enough to recognize how to fully step into action as a leader, laying claim to one’s own authentic leadership style and power.

 Developing People

This competency is essential for creating and sustaining effective work environments and communities, and for bringing about sustained change in the world. It focuses on the ability to understand others’ talents/strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, as well as bringing out the best in others. Building effective community is the desired result of this competency.
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