Ronald Goovaerts, entrepreneur & awakener

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Salut Ronald!

J’ai beaucoup apprécié ton message ci-dessous ! Very inspiring !

A bientôt,

Bertrand – Portugal / Mexico


Hi Ronald, many thanks for having shared this.

Curiously my girlfriend, copied, has a rural tourism house in Lamego, and indeed, May and June are the best months for cherries, but it is also a place that has a lot of apples and grapes, in September.

José Sousa - Portugal


Dear Ronald,

Thank you for sharing these wonderful thoughts!

When we will get together you will find I think that i'm also one of these passionate people. And yes, I can agree with you that very word you express is true!

Eva Fabry - Norway


Dear Ronald!

I am in deep appreciation for your writing just coming in the perfect time for me in my life. You are pure inspiration.
I am lookin forward to co-create whatever with you.

Big hug and best wishes for an Alive 2011!

Liberto – BCN Spain


Beautiful message and thanks for sharing.

All the best for 2011.

Take care,

Nancy Brito - Portugal


A very special message, Ronald.

For its simplicity and for showing that it is the way to achieve happiness as a human being.

I Thank you for it and wish you exactly the same,



Teresa Correia de Lacerda commented on your Post:

"Ronald, this message is excellent! You really have a gift ..."