Ronald Goovaerts, entrepreneur & awakener
Whatever you do, ensure you put your heart in it!

Some call it passion, I prefer to use ‘heart’ or what others call ‘hardening of the will’.

Normally we feel passion and are passionate at the beginning of a new emotional relationship, when our heart beats quicker and we feel warm inside.

Most of us experienced this, but this feeling does not persist for ever and that’s the moment when the passion transforms into love or simply disappears.

Doing things with passion does not guaranty us we will persist until achieving great results. But when we put our heart in it, we will be strengthened with fresh energy in moments of doubts or despair.

Many years while attending a seminar from a wise man Eduardo Martin at the Dominican Republic about unveiling the relationship between Fear and Love, it became so clear that both are ones opposite.

Your FEAR will simply disappear when your LOVE is strong enough!

During the years I am sharing at the fall of the year a special message with you, this habit starts sending signals at the beginning of December. These signals help me to be extra alert and observe remarkable moments that can be transformed into a message and a moment of reflection.

I invite you to look around and discover people that are doing things with their heart in it and learn from them.

Let me share 2 true stories.

Olga is a woman of mid 40 working at the payment checkout of a Portuguese hypermarket. I met her when I started the day early and went for some shopping around 10.00 o’clock. When finished I accidently greeted her ‘good afternoon’, she looked at me and replied ‘you awoke early’, ‘yes I said I started the day at 6.00 am, she smiled and replied ‘I win, I started at 5.30 am!’. A little bit surprised I asked ‘you start as early in this supermarket?’, ‘no, I worked at another place before starting at 8.30 am here’ and ‘after I finish here I am going to run for 1 hour, I am preparing myself to run the marathon again’. We discussed for another 3 minutes about her inspiration and her way of living life.

Another true story, only a few days ago while arriving back from our Christmas break and celebration with my family in Belgium. As usual, we caught a taxi at the Lisbon airport. Most of time, none of the drivers is really interested in making a difference. This time, Tina, a woman around 40, did her utmost to make our trip as agreeable as possible. She made us clear how much she loved her job as a taxi-driver and used to do her very best to make their customers more that just satisfied. She even promoted her home town, Lamego and informed us where to find the best places to taste the local gastronomy and the best time to go there. Remember, for those who love cherry, Lamego is the place to be at the start of May!

Both women were enthusiast about their job and life and expressed this simply by speaking from their heart. No doubt their story would be an inspiring message for many people. They focused on what was great and worked very hard to rise above challenges.

Most of us, including myself, are facing several challenges in this more complex are more simple reality; depends on how you look at; and it is does not look as obvious to make a breakthrough all of the time.

Be sure you put your in heart in all your actions and you will be surprised of how:

  • Difficult turns into less difficult or even easy
  • Impossible turns into more possible
  • Hopeless turn into hope
  • Trapped in to freedom of choice
Now it is your turn to decide what you will share with others so that they will understand that other options are available, … than those they used to focus before.

Wish you all a great breakthrough in 2011

unlocking you inspiring contagious energy and messages

Stop selling, start negotiating and obtain better results

Since I took my first steps in sales more than 20 years ago, I have always questioned myself about the classical model of selling: someone selling and someone buying.

That’s the reason why I never felt as if I was the salesman convincing a buyer to buy things from me. To be really honest I never acted as a salesman.

At that time, we were supposed to have a briefcase loaded with all possible sales techniques and tips in order to use the right technique at the right time with the right type of person.

Consequently, we attended numerous seminars to keep up to date ourselves and the stuff in our briefcase.

 In fact after studying positive science for 10 years and  engineering for 4 years I was again filling my brain with ‘logical material’.

In my hunt to become really good, a real expert, I devoured everything on sales and negotiation. I spoke with the top sales people in my field. I understood that human beings (= our customers) are mainly psychological and not logical creatures; that decisions depend more on emotional than economic factors.

That’s why negotiation grasped me and turned out to be one of my most exciting activities, one of the things that I most love to do.

What I want to share with you is this: “If you are in sales or your job consists of bringing your products or services to other people (=customers), you have a choice to adopt an attitude of selling or do something else”.

Research reveals that your ability to listen, ask open questions and rephrase without imposing your perception is by far the most important skill your need to be successful. In other words, habit 5 of Stephen R. Covey’s 7 habits: Seek first to understand and then to be understood.

After several years of training my negotiation muscles and adopting an attitude of becoming better and making progress and a difference every day, I started working with this new paradigm and I now produce results.

I strongly believe that you can boost your sales success, selling less by focusing on the things that matter most.

Recent studies involving opinions of more than 1500 CEO worldwide show that the ‘reinvention of our customer relationships’ is as crucial as our capacity to embody creative leadership and design process agility to be successful today and grow this success in what will be a complex future.

Stop selling means that your first concern is not to sell. Yes, you are reading this very well: your objective is not to sell, but to shift your attention so as to get a better understanding of your customer’s needs, today, tomorrow and in the future.

For you to be successful today, tomorrow and in the future it is crucial to gather all possible information that will help you to serve your customers the very best your can. Reinventing customer relationships means that you want more than just to satisfy a customer. You want to surprise and make a real difference.

This kind of negotiation requires new professionals with their briefcases filled with other stuff, interested in developing long term relationships based on trust, hard work together and achieving great mutual results.

This new 21st economy based on integration and FREE has moulded the necessary tools to multiply your on-line results with classical face-to-face negotiation.

If you are willing to pay the price necessary to replace your current sales paradigm with this new empowering one, you will reap the rewards of your investment. You will sell less and produce more results, investing less effort and feeling more fulfilled in many areas of your life.

If you are somewhere in between the old and the new paradigm, I wish to congratulate you and wish you all the strength to head on and persist on this path.

If you feel I can be helpful to you somewhere, please feel free to contact.

I look forward to reading your observations and comments,

I believe I can fly, … I believe …

Since early mankind, some people were obsessed by flying and many executed several experiments to fly with few or less result.

Even today when we ask young children what they would like to be capable of, being able to fly is for sure one of the highest answers on their lists.

Although, we all know it might be not tomorrow people will be able to fly just like a bird, most of us has many more capabilities than they actually use. Personally I am convinced that even most entrepreneurs do not achieve better results because they believe they aren’t capable enough.

Consequently they cut off important possibilities simple by believing, it is not possible!

FEAR is merely on of the most important reason and/or justification for this.

One of the things I could only resolve the lasts years was my incapacity to swim and jump into deep water.

During my early childhood, I did not cope very well with deep water, it gave me a feeling of ‘none control’! Because I could never overtake this FEAR, year after year I got more frustrated. In fact a huge negative anchor was installed in my mind.

Since I became a father of young children who started to love water and doing crazy things their father FEARED all his life, pain overtook me and brought me to the point and gave me leverage that I wanted to change this.

You can hardly imagine what I felt when I finally jumped into deep water. More recently I even jumped like ‘tarzan’ into a deep river and they only thing I felt was massive pleasure.

Fact is that I always loved these experiences, unless they were related to water. During my more than 10 year journey as a boy-scout, I triumphed over many challenges, but I never felt enough courage to jump into deep water.

Today I realize the huge amount of pleasure and opportunities I missed all those years.

Like jumping into deep water was related to mayor FEAR, other FEAR’s might withhold you of achieving better results. During all those years I had the potential but I did not produce the results and deprived myself from new worlds full of opportunities.

Imagine NOW, you could fly!!

Would this help you to realize other goals or obtain better results?

Humm, you would say, of course, but we all know we cannot fly and most probably will not be able to fly .

Let me state it this way : What does flying means to you?

Which skills do you possess you are not using because of FEAR.

Decide to overcome at least one of those the next week. Yes the next week! You do not need to wait until you feel the pain, like I felt.

At the end it was not a important thing to jump.

Enjoy your new world of opportunities!

What makes negotiating fascinating?

I imagine, most of us first reaction will not reveal emotions related with enthusiasm and love to do.

As to my experience, most people I meet, train, coach are work with like to negotiate or DO NOT like to negotiate at all.

It seems that sales or negotiation are perceived with extreme labels. Some love it and find it fascinating, others prefer to execute whatever activity, less selling or negotiating.

Why this extreme difference in perception?

Quite some time ago, when I finished my degree in engineering and entered the business world. I remember I asked myself a question. This question helped me to make a choice and to cut off immediately some professional directions.

How do I feel with the next scenarios?


You are in front of your office desk and at the left side; there is a pile of papers, at the right side you have another pile of papers, much higher. At the end of the day, when you finish your time at work, an important part of the papers that were on the right side are now on the left side. You dealt with the paperwork of the process and closed the subject.


For several months you are dealing with an important prospect. During the several personal meetings, information exchange and phone calls you could get a clear picture of what you need to do to turn this prospect into a client. You know you worked on the relationship to establish trust and really made an extra effort to really understand the interest. Things are not always easy; your competitors did their jobs too. But finally after more than 6 months of intensive contact, you are ones again face to face, explains in detail all possible solutions. You state it so clearly, you are well prepared that you can easily help to melt some remaining doubts away. Suddenly your customer stops the conversation, restates what you said and you confirm and then announces: “you got the deal”.

Sure you understood already, just by reading and reflecting on both scenarios that the one that gave me the best feeling is the second one.

And you? Which of those 2 scenarios do you prefer?

Even today, after more than 20 years of experience, no negotiation is easy; it is always a challenge and another opportunity to train these muscles.

But I can assure you, I do not regret the choice I made. Sales and Negotiation are so fascinating: It is a constant discovery, a succession of success and moments to reflect to get better.

When you felt YES and did NO in the past, because of FEAR, REJECTION or what ever reasons that might withhold you. Grasp the challenge NOW and start discovering the fascinating world behind Sales and Negotiation.

You will love it.

If somewhere in the process you get caught, count with me to get through.

Mayday, …, and then back to track

Most of us live moments where we feel less comfortable.

Sometimes we are caught in a storm and we get out of track and no matter how hard we want get back on course, things do not work out.

When this happens to an airplane or a ship where the pilot or the captain is doing its utmost to bring the plane or the ship again on track and recover control, normally the ‘MAYDAY’ sign is send out.

Mayday is an emergency code word used internationally as a distress signal in voice communications. It derives from the French venez m'aider, meaning 'come help me'. It is used to signal a life-threatening emergency by many groups.

When they receive a ‘Mayday call’ these groups launch all possible means to assist the plane or the ship that is in trouble.

Statistics reveal that only very few of all the planes and ships that send out this message do not succeed in getting on track again. But for the moreover majority, assistance gets in time and does prevent unrecoverable damage.

How do you lead with these situations?

How do you perceive the MAYDAY signals from others?

We all realize and feel the growing importance of social tech and investing in our network. Most of the information we receive is related to the Investment and giving’s from others to their network, they share their best practices and help their network to become better and better.

A while ago, I remember I saw someone of my network posting what I call: ‘a MAYDAY’ message. What was really surprising were the amount of support messages that were posted and the concern of really caring to get the other on track again.

I am convinced that much more people would like to and need to send out these ‘message’, especially to their support group. But most of them are afraid about the perception of the others, being perceived as a failure, weak professional or simply to be labeled as ‘a looser’.

Although most of us know that our way to success is like a climb, we all recognize the path is not always as smooth as we would like.

Climbing is mostly associated with some risks we expect to happen.

Remember, most of the planes or ships get on track again and reach their final goal, thus do not forget to send out your ‘MAYDAY’ message in TIME when you are in trouble. Your network will bring the means together to get help you to persist and get through.

On the other hand, receive ‘MAYDAY’ messages form others with kindness and force yourself to understand what you can do to bring the other on track again.

Like information, the real power within is in the sharing, same to success, the more we share our success, our experience, our added value and moments of reflection, the merrier we reach new horizons with more powerful paradigms.,