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Mayday, …, and then back to track

Most of us live moments where we feel less comfortable.

Sometimes we are caught in a storm and we get out of track and no matter how hard we want get back on course, things do not work out.

When this happens to an airplane or a ship where the pilot or the captain is doing its utmost to bring the plane or the ship again on track and recover control, normally the ‘MAYDAY’ sign is send out.

Mayday is an emergency code word used internationally as a distress signal in voice communications. It derives from the French venez m'aider, meaning 'come help me'. It is used to signal a life-threatening emergency by many groups.

When they receive a ‘Mayday call’ these groups launch all possible means to assist the plane or the ship that is in trouble.

Statistics reveal that only very few of all the planes and ships that send out this message do not succeed in getting on track again. But for the moreover majority, assistance gets in time and does prevent unrecoverable damage.

How do you lead with these situations?

How do you perceive the MAYDAY signals from others?

We all realize and feel the growing importance of social tech and investing in our network. Most of the information we receive is related to the Investment and giving’s from others to their network, they share their best practices and help their network to become better and better.

A while ago, I remember I saw someone of my network posting what I call: ‘a MAYDAY’ message. What was really surprising were the amount of support messages that were posted and the concern of really caring to get the other on track again.

I am convinced that much more people would like to and need to send out these ‘message’, especially to their support group. But most of them are afraid about the perception of the others, being perceived as a failure, weak professional or simply to be labeled as ‘a looser’.

Although most of us know that our way to success is like a climb, we all recognize the path is not always as smooth as we would like.

Climbing is mostly associated with some risks we expect to happen.

Remember, most of the planes or ships get on track again and reach their final goal, thus do not forget to send out your ‘MAYDAY’ message in TIME when you are in trouble. Your network will bring the means together to get help you to persist and get through.

On the other hand, receive ‘MAYDAY’ messages form others with kindness and force yourself to understand what you can do to bring the other on track again.

Like information, the real power within is in the sharing, same to success, the more we share our success, our experience, our added value and moments of reflection, the merrier we reach new horizons with more powerful paradigms.,

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