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What makes negotiating fascinating?

I imagine, most of us first reaction will not reveal emotions related with enthusiasm and love to do.

As to my experience, most people I meet, train, coach are work with like to negotiate or DO NOT like to negotiate at all.

It seems that sales or negotiation are perceived with extreme labels. Some love it and find it fascinating, others prefer to execute whatever activity, less selling or negotiating.

Why this extreme difference in perception?

Quite some time ago, when I finished my degree in engineering and entered the business world. I remember I asked myself a question. This question helped me to make a choice and to cut off immediately some professional directions.

How do I feel with the next scenarios?


You are in front of your office desk and at the left side; there is a pile of papers, at the right side you have another pile of papers, much higher. At the end of the day, when you finish your time at work, an important part of the papers that were on the right side are now on the left side. You dealt with the paperwork of the process and closed the subject.


For several months you are dealing with an important prospect. During the several personal meetings, information exchange and phone calls you could get a clear picture of what you need to do to turn this prospect into a client. You know you worked on the relationship to establish trust and really made an extra effort to really understand the interest. Things are not always easy; your competitors did their jobs too. But finally after more than 6 months of intensive contact, you are ones again face to face, explains in detail all possible solutions. You state it so clearly, you are well prepared that you can easily help to melt some remaining doubts away. Suddenly your customer stops the conversation, restates what you said and you confirm and then announces: “you got the deal”.

Sure you understood already, just by reading and reflecting on both scenarios that the one that gave me the best feeling is the second one.

And you? Which of those 2 scenarios do you prefer?

Even today, after more than 20 years of experience, no negotiation is easy; it is always a challenge and another opportunity to train these muscles.

But I can assure you, I do not regret the choice I made. Sales and Negotiation are so fascinating: It is a constant discovery, a succession of success and moments to reflect to get better.

When you felt YES and did NO in the past, because of FEAR, REJECTION or what ever reasons that might withhold you. Grasp the challenge NOW and start discovering the fascinating world behind Sales and Negotiation.

You will love it.

If somewhere in the process you get caught, count with me to get through.

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