Ronald Goovaerts, entrepreneur & awakener
I believe I can fly, … I believe …

Since early mankind, some people were obsessed by flying and many executed several experiments to fly with few or less result.

Even today when we ask young children what they would like to be capable of, being able to fly is for sure one of the highest answers on their lists.

Although, we all know it might be not tomorrow people will be able to fly just like a bird, most of us has many more capabilities than they actually use. Personally I am convinced that even most entrepreneurs do not achieve better results because they believe they aren’t capable enough.

Consequently they cut off important possibilities simple by believing, it is not possible!

FEAR is merely on of the most important reason and/or justification for this.

One of the things I could only resolve the lasts years was my incapacity to swim and jump into deep water.

During my early childhood, I did not cope very well with deep water, it gave me a feeling of ‘none control’! Because I could never overtake this FEAR, year after year I got more frustrated. In fact a huge negative anchor was installed in my mind.

Since I became a father of young children who started to love water and doing crazy things their father FEARED all his life, pain overtook me and brought me to the point and gave me leverage that I wanted to change this.

You can hardly imagine what I felt when I finally jumped into deep water. More recently I even jumped like ‘tarzan’ into a deep river and they only thing I felt was massive pleasure.

Fact is that I always loved these experiences, unless they were related to water. During my more than 10 year journey as a boy-scout, I triumphed over many challenges, but I never felt enough courage to jump into deep water.

Today I realize the huge amount of pleasure and opportunities I missed all those years.

Like jumping into deep water was related to mayor FEAR, other FEAR’s might withhold you of achieving better results. During all those years I had the potential but I did not produce the results and deprived myself from new worlds full of opportunities.

Imagine NOW, you could fly!!

Would this help you to realize other goals or obtain better results?

Humm, you would say, of course, but we all know we cannot fly and most probably will not be able to fly .

Let me state it this way : What does flying means to you?

Which skills do you possess you are not using because of FEAR.

Decide to overcome at least one of those the next week. Yes the next week! You do not need to wait until you feel the pain, like I felt.

At the end it was not a important thing to jump.

Enjoy your new world of opportunities!

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