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Whatever you do, ensure you put your heart in it!

Some call it passion, I prefer to use ‘heart’ or what others call ‘hardening of the will’.

Normally we feel passion and are passionate at the beginning of a new emotional relationship, when our heart beats quicker and we feel warm inside.

Most of us experienced this, but this feeling does not persist for ever and that’s the moment when the passion transforms into love or simply disappears.

Doing things with passion does not guaranty us we will persist until achieving great results. But when we put our heart in it, we will be strengthened with fresh energy in moments of doubts or despair.

Many years while attending a seminar from a wise man Eduardo Martin at the Dominican Republic about unveiling the relationship between Fear and Love, it became so clear that both are ones opposite.

Your FEAR will simply disappear when your LOVE is strong enough!

During the years I am sharing at the fall of the year a special message with you, this habit starts sending signals at the beginning of December. These signals help me to be extra alert and observe remarkable moments that can be transformed into a message and a moment of reflection.

I invite you to look around and discover people that are doing things with their heart in it and learn from them.

Let me share 2 true stories.

Olga is a woman of mid 40 working at the payment checkout of a Portuguese hypermarket. I met her when I started the day early and went for some shopping around 10.00 o’clock. When finished I accidently greeted her ‘good afternoon’, she looked at me and replied ‘you awoke early’, ‘yes I said I started the day at 6.00 am, she smiled and replied ‘I win, I started at 5.30 am!’. A little bit surprised I asked ‘you start as early in this supermarket?’, ‘no, I worked at another place before starting at 8.30 am here’ and ‘after I finish here I am going to run for 1 hour, I am preparing myself to run the marathon again’. We discussed for another 3 minutes about her inspiration and her way of living life.

Another true story, only a few days ago while arriving back from our Christmas break and celebration with my family in Belgium. As usual, we caught a taxi at the Lisbon airport. Most of time, none of the drivers is really interested in making a difference. This time, Tina, a woman around 40, did her utmost to make our trip as agreeable as possible. She made us clear how much she loved her job as a taxi-driver and used to do her very best to make their customers more that just satisfied. She even promoted her home town, Lamego and informed us where to find the best places to taste the local gastronomy and the best time to go there. Remember, for those who love cherry, Lamego is the place to be at the start of May!

Both women were enthusiast about their job and life and expressed this simply by speaking from their heart. No doubt their story would be an inspiring message for many people. They focused on what was great and worked very hard to rise above challenges.

Most of us, including myself, are facing several challenges in this more complex are more simple reality; depends on how you look at; and it is does not look as obvious to make a breakthrough all of the time.

Be sure you put your in heart in all your actions and you will be surprised of how:

  • Difficult turns into less difficult or even easy
  • Impossible turns into more possible
  • Hopeless turn into hope
  • Trapped in to freedom of choice
Now it is your turn to decide what you will share with others so that they will understand that other options are available, … than those they used to focus before.

Wish you all a great breakthrough in 2011

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