Ronald Goovaerts, entrepreneur & awakener

Ronald inspires and awakes

He is specialized in provocative negotiation, energetic communication, contagious motivation, magnetic leadership and creative mental power thinking, acting & feeling.

He stimulates leaders, companies, organizations and individuals to unlock their TO DO-switch, act more and produce long lasting high quality results investing fewer efforts

Ronald  topics and events include:

Provocative negotiation bootcamp

Persuasive Communication bootcamp

Leadership Academy

Become a catching person, unlock your magnetic potential

Outrageous  Creative Outdoor event

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What do people say

… We continue receiving several very positive feed-back on our event MindSource 2.0.

We achieved the objectives in relation to the expectations of our people, our customers, share-holders and partners. Most part of this success has been realized by the quality of the information and the way you transmitted this information in your inspiring presentation.

Thanks for this contribution at this important moment in of Mind Source’s life!”

Carlos Seguro de Carvalho – Director Geral Mind Source

You made me think several times, you gave some opinions that helped me a lot, you have a lot of knowlegde and know how, i wished i had more persons like you around me. I wished i had more time to discuss and interchange more ideas with you. CEO Carlos of Head Now is lucky you are in his team and he should thank ‘God’ who made these persons cross his life. (free translation of the original text in pt)

Vc me fez varias vezes pensar e a maneira como ouvia, observava e dava tuas opinioes me ajudaram tanto, vc e uma pessoa muito sabia, gostaria de ter mais pessoas como vc ao redor, gostaria de poder ter mais tempo para conversar com vc e trocar ideias, Carlos tem muita sorte de te-lo por perto, ele deve agradecer a Deus por colocar pessoas como vc para ajuda-lo na busca do seu caminho!

Lara Bezerra – former CEO Bayer Hungary – CEO Strategic Management Bayer HQ Mexico

Dear Ronald, thanks for kind words. I wish you inspiration and energy for fine affairs in the future! You unusual and very kind person. You always in our hearts!

 Галина Муштриёва – Participants of the Russian Academy of Leadership 2008!