Ronald Goovaerts, entrepreneur & awakener

Ronald inspires and awakes

He is specialized in provocative negotiation, energetic communication, contagious motivation, magnetic leadership and creative mental power thinking, acting & feeling.

He stimulates leaders, companies, organizations and individuals to unlock their TO DO-switch, act more and produce long lasting high quality results investing fewer efforts

Ronald  trains & coaches

Provocative negotiation bootcamp

Persuasive Communication bootcamp

Leadership Academy

Become a catching person, unlock your magnetic potential

Outrageous  Creative Outdoor event

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What do people say

Many thanks! You input made all the difference.
I removed the team form their comfort zone to the garden, we did several dynamics tempered with humor and I got the atmosphere I wanted.
They loved the experience and they started questioning their individual and team behavior.
Thanks for you time and interest.
Let me know when I can be helpful for you.

Muito obrigada. Fez toda a diferença.
Fiz o trabalho ontem e correu muito bem. Levei todos para o jardim... fizemos exercícios descontraídos e cinestésicos... juntei uma pitada de humor e o clima ficou criado. Gostaram muito e eu achei que os tinha deixado a pensar na melhor forma de se articularem em equipa.
Obrigada pela sua generosa disponibilidade. Registei e não esquecerei.
Um abraço e disponha do que precisar e eu puder ser-lhe útil. Abraço,

Carla Afonso - Expert & Coach specialized in NLP and personal excellence

Ronald was responsible for a 2-day training session about Communication and Team Work, which was pretty valuable and provided good reults & tactics that can be used on work and in “real life”. He’s a nice person that is able to create a good atmosphere, and an expert in his area

 Tiago Gaspar – young IT entrepreneur

Ronald, it was a pleasure to meet you in person, and I must say that when I “grow up”, and want to be like you   ( and I know that we should not “copy” nobody style ). You are a excellent trainer.

 Maria Spínola – CEO Crescimento Empresa

I complete agree with Maria…. It’s very gratificant times to time find people like Ronald. We can learn all the tecnics but “autenticity” that came from our heart is unique and we can see the difference….

  we could learn a lot with ronald, more dynamic meetings, he can share a lot of knowledge and competence on self-development, (free translation of the original text in pt)

…  podiamos fazer algo com o Ronald, encontros mais dinâmicos porque acho que ele tem muito a transmitir no campo do nosso auto desenvolvimento

  Ana Carla Oliveira – CEO Building Objects and Ideas